Beat recession @ the mind level - Sajeev Nair

     The other day I met an old friend on my morning walk. He greeted me asking, "How is the recession treating you?"

     On the same day I stopped at a petrol station to fuel my car. The owner of the bunk, who knows me, asked me how is the recession. 

     A couple of hours later in a hotel, I was asked the same question, soon after a presentation. 

     It seems the normally asked "how are you?" has given way for a "recession related query."

     From a psychological angle, this is a negative trend. When everyone starts strongly thinking of recession or economic depression, such scenarios grow and spread exponentially. 

     It may sound quite illogical, but see how it works. There is a universal principle called Thadaastu which means, you will get whatever you think or ask for. Hence by thinking/talking about scarcity or by taking measures to counter recession, we are only infusing more recession into the system. So, it is important for us to think of things and situations we want to have around us. By the way, the Universe vibrates with abundance, love, light and warmth and there is nothing called scarcity or poverty in this universe. 

     The following tips can help individuals/entrepreneurs to beat recession at the mind level. 

     Do not panic, as worry is the prayer for what you do not want. Accept the situation and start believing that it is a cycle that takes you to a bigger growth. Do not create an air of apprehension amongst employees/stake holders. Spreading fear can de-motivate colleagues and snap the enthusiasm of stake holders/partners. Do not engage in obvious cost cutting measures. Creating wealth is the only antidote for poverty. Take employees/stake holders into confidence. Be genuinely optimistic. Avoid exposure to negative media. Thoughts generated by our brain are based on the inputs we feed the brain. So be very select in what you feed your kind and soul. Avoid discussions/forums on recession. If you happened to be part of one, try to focus on what one can do during unfavourable times. Think of abundance. The money everyone of us making is only growing, compared to what was say 10/20 years ago. Explore opportunity in every adversity. Many of the successful global business houses are born during tough times. Set your goals and hold them tight, as at times of challenges, we often tend to lose focus. Create a vision/mission statement and share that with employees. Display positive posters, banners, stickers, labels, and screen savers at work place and at home. Leave all communication channels open, as an entrepreneur/CEO of a company. Invest in people, to keep their morale up. Look out for a mentor/coach, who can inspire even during challenging times Reach out to inspiring books like "Magic of Thinking Big" by David Shwartz, "Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Pale or "Power of Sub-Conscious Mind" by Dr Joseph Murphy. Re-engineer your thoughts for success. Learn to control your thoughts/emotions. Meditate and indulge in creative imagination. The thumb rule is, everything in this universe is being created twice; once in someones mind and then in real. 

(The author is founder of Thought Process Re-Engineering)

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