Higher Physics Frustrations - Prof. C.P. Girijavallabhan


                                     Prof. C.P. Girijavallabhan

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Learn I did Physics with great passion

Hoping it can lead to self realization

Then I began to feel some compassion

For subjects that are not in current fashion!


Physics is full of failing assumptions

And figures are drawn with naïve exaggerations

Values are treated with Stark approximations

Which sometimes breed enough confusions!

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Every line has long equations

Few giving one some false notions

Page after page crawl ugly wavefunctions

Preaching the lack of any true solutions!


On occasions you need more dimensions

Thereby giving one great deal of tension

Efforts encounter least action

Enduring empty sets of integrations!


As we look for few healthy progressions

Phase space fragments with permutations

Giving an infinite sets of combinations

And Heisenberg hails with indetermination


Labs are fraught with faulty contraptions

And frustrations follow experimentations

Despite such fluid and turbulent situations

Dreams often get streamlined to destinations!


Emeritus Professor, ISP, CUSAT


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