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If you see a beautiful idol or a mountain around you will have different pictures if a cluster of blind men feel an elephant at various parts their perception will  be different. If you take the sum total in all these cases you will get more or less a correct picture of the idol or mountain or elephant. So is one s opinion about Sree Narayana Guru. One s opinion depends on the eyes through which Guru is seen.

Guru could be God(parabrahma-God incarnated as human being or man reached the stage of God through karma) He had the ability for extra sensory perception(psychic power)/thought transfer or energy transfer (telepathy) mind reading(clairvoyance)   clairaudience clairempathy psychometry(perceiving information by holding one s hand or object) psychokinesis intuition mental influence psychic healing auric sight and thriloka jnanam . Guru believed in brotherhood equality.

He believed in  non-violence.In this he was very close to Sree Budha. 
Guru had brought two of the three tri saranas in the two organizations he had formed Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam(for social  upliftment of humanity fore runner of all social organizations in Kerala) Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham(for spiritual teaching of his philosophy).

The 3rd sarana was established through innumerable educational institutions started by Guru/followers.

For Fred Hass Guru was a world citizen.He said One caste one religion one God for man kind. His saint disciple Nataraja Guru taught the Principle of One world One people and One justice . Gary Davis and Nataraja Guru started the World Government the Pass port of the World Government the World Government Manifesto and the Principle of One World.

Social environment of Kerala during the period of Sree Narayana Guru was better described by Swami Vivekananda as lunatic asylum .
The Budhist King Mahabali ruled a small kingdom called Onadu / Onanadu with its capital at Mavelikara in the 12th century.Then people were equal and self sufficient. With the spread of caste Hinduism taking 1000 years by the middle of 19th century  
Kerala had become the land of non touching non approachability and non seeing. Sree Narayana Guru through his golden words/ activities/ establishments changed the lunatic asylum to God s own country .

Guru s golden words are:

   Get educated be free.
   Get united be strong.
   Get industrialized be prosperous.
   One caste one religion one God for man.
   Ask not say not think not caste.
   What ever may be one s religion man has to be good.
   Essence of all religions is the same.
   One s action should be for the benefit of the neighbour also.
   What ever one does for the self should be for the benefit of others also.
   Not to argue win but to know to let know.
   Liquor is poison don t make it sell it or drink it.
   Don t hurt even the ant.
   Service to mankind is the greatest prayer to God.
Some of Guru s words remind the 3 dispositions of Sree Budha. Karuna (compassion) Mudita(happiness at other s well being) Maitri(love).

With advance of science jet air journey tube rail way magnetic rail way information technology genetic engineering /finger printing nano technology e-commerce the world has become a global village.
But unfortunately science and human mind have got other sides also.
Countries have accumulated tons and tons of nuclear weapons sufficient to destroy the whole living beings of mother earth any number of times. There are stocks of biological/chemical weapons
sufficient to cause high morbidity and mortality.

Man has technology for star wars he has developed nano technology antimatter much stronger than nuclear weapons.

Sree Buddha Jesus Christ & Sree Narayana Guru preached to consider fellow men as none but yourself. We have conquered moon our scientific equipment- Curiosity has landed in Mars. We are dreaming of colonizing other planets. We have under sea tube rail ways. 
We constructed Panama canal. We produced test tube babies cloned animals and produced artificial DNA. 

But we forgot to bridge the brain/heart/mind/soul with our neighbours. You & I got 1 mother 1 father. Each of them has got a mother father. If they are unrelated by 2 generations we both of us have got 8 parents. If we go back to the 50th generation it is likely that you I come from the same parents. Similarly let you I are enemies now who knows there will be a child born of parents 1 each from you me if generations are followed.

People wander for greatness people steal greatness yet people remain unhappy -still greedy for more greatness. Greed- greed- greed. Greed for popularity greed for position greed for power greed for money greed for wealth. People born for criticizing others but dislike being criticized. People think one thing say a 2 nd thing do a 3 rd thing. People with masks dance openly rarely the masks fall down then every one will be shocked to see the real faces. People lie lie & lie for personal gains. People lack value based education from parents /elder sibling(s)/primary teachers.

There is one thing in the world for which we don t have to pay LOVE. 
Love is what required now among mankind. This is the relevance of the Philosophy of  Sree Narayana Guru.  Let us talk ourselves and change our mind. If our mind can conceive if our heart can believe our body can do it. Love-Love-Love.


(The writer took MBBS MD & MS from Medical College Trivandrum. 
In 1998 published a collection of 128 articles titled VISWAGURU( not for sale ).
Was the  Secretary of S N Public School Trivandrum for 5 years.)
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