Recipe for a Happy Family Life

1- cup love
1-cup laughter
1-cup faith
1-cup patience
1- cup understanding
1-cup hope
1-cup honesty

Have you ever heard of the starter recipe for Amish Friendship bread? This recipe is similar to that. Take all the above ingredients and each person the recipe is given to, adds his or her own cup of compassion and hope. Mix them all together and you have a good basis for a happy family.

When the recipe came to my sister and me- we added a dose of healthy arguing and a heaping of commitment. My father continually adds a dollop of generosity and my mom stirs it all up with her great big spoon of virtue.

With the inclusion of extended family we have baked it with memories, and slathered it with time spent together.

This recipe would never have risen to its heights with sprinkling forgiveness in with the batter.

Now that grandchildren are in the mix, we all have added more laughter and integrity to the batter as well as made the recipe daily. We have all decided in our quest for the perfect recipe, it does not matter if the outcome if perfect, it is what we put into it daily that makes it so wonderful.

- Courtesy: Mr. Davis Vithayathil
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